About Us: The Story Behind Sebastianvideophotography

Hello, I’m Sebastian. I’ve been working in Paris, France for almost a decade, and love creating lasting memories of people’s special day.. I have been in the Photography Industry for the past years, but have always been passionate about the field. I am fully dedicated to my work, which I will accomplish by meeting deadlines, getting the best of the best photographers, and I always deliver quality work on time . I have the ability to capture your moment in the most creative and artistic manner. I can make you or your company look as amazing as possible.

I have over 20 years experience of working in a retail luxury industry environment and have worked with many different brands in Paris, London or Milano.

Not near Us ? Well, we have a solution. We we will go to the neariest airport or drive from our place to be there at time to capture your nice smiles . We've been all over the States and in Europe and there's still plenty to discover.